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Let's make sure the government knows we won't stand for a billion dollars of our public money going to a dodgy coal mine with a dead end future!

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  • The NAIF Board can hardly be considered independent and qualified to manage a public infrastructure fund of $5 billion in the public interest.
  • Two of the seven NAIF directors have close connections to the fossil fuel industry and several others have links to big mining companies.
  • The NAIF Board operates under a culture of secrecy, blocking numerous requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act on dubious grounds.
  • Handing over a billion dollars to Adani’s climate wrecking project with a dead end economic future is grossly irresponsible.
  • If Adani’s mine goes ahead, it would make climate change far worse and put at risk the livelihoods of 69,000 people that rely on a healthy reef. 
  • There are far better ways to spend $1 billion of public money that don’t harm our air, water and wildlife and support northern Australian communities like clean energy, education, health and sustainable tourism.