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  • Keep your message short and punchy – a few simple sentences explaining why you don't want Adani to build its disastrous mine is great. Personal stories are really powerful. 
  • Include a call-to-action – ask GHD to abandon Adani's mine and rail-line project.
  • Be polite – it’s always best to get the message across in a friendly way.

If you like, use the following points to help you get your message across:

  • Adani’s mine is a climate crime – a crime against humanity and our planet. 

  • Burning coal is the biggest cause of climate damage, yet the Adani mine would be one of the biggest expansions of coal mining on planet Earth. 

  • The best scientists have given the world 12 years to get climate damage under control. This means rapidly replacing burning coal with clean, renewable energy. 

  • By backing clean energy and refusing to work on dangerous projects like coal mines, companies like GHD can provide solutions to the climate crisis. Not be part of the problem.